Crop Circles – spectacular gifts of nature – Second Part

Since their mediatisation, crop formations have entailed large groups of curious tourists around England. People have yet the same interest in crop circles as they used to have for Stonehenge or Machupichu. Positively thinking, crop circles have the right potential to make the object of new and diverse touristic tours, but our image of them has not been completed yet, as researchers could not elucidate their formation by now.  

 Physical proofs and experiments on crop circles

The links between negative anomalies with local deficiences in mass derive from the reports made on the density of rocks beneath the crop circles[7].  These anomalies are associated on granite plutons and on sedimentary basins. Gravity anomaly maps indicate the presence of granite plutons in the following areas of the area of study: Cambridgeshire, Silbury Hill, Great Shelford, Wiltshire Hill, West Woods, Yesnaby, Waden Hill, St Cleer. Moreover, there is not a great difference between the shapes we can see in an aerophotogramme  and the one in a satellite one (Fig. 1).

dThe lines of perspective show a big deal of abnormal circulation of the light through the labyrinth of flatten plants which form the crop circles[6]. Below are some examples of the aspect of two crop circles in England taken by aerophotogrammetry techniques and identified later on satellite view. The first two exhibit the crop circle of Avebury (Fig.1 and 2), Wiltshire and the others represent the crop formation near Silbury Hill (Fig.3 and 4). With the exception of the one from Avebury, whose aerial photo was taken few years ago and was more complex, continued with a termination at each one of its two imaginary sides facing north and south suggesting a sea horse, now not being detected, the crop circle from Silbury stayed the same and it can be easily recognized in any recent satellite image.


Plasma-Gravitational Theory

If we skim the current plasma physics books, you will discover that echoing forms such as toroidal structures can result from a plasma interior[3]. It is a globally accepted theory that in situations far from equilibrium, new order is established internally by self-organization. These new ordering “structures” incline to reflect the boundaries between whatever is fiction coming from an opening of the ”Pandora box of science” and what one manage to explain through rationale demarche. Perhaps the plasma light that people have reported in crop circles is due to the telluric fields which are geomagnetic. Then, that would imply that earth fields are moveable and have fluid properties.

Once formed, however, they can propagate waves of various wavelengths, as well as release impulse across large distances[7].

In addition to the strange light phenomena, eyewitnesses from the neighborhood reported that several trilling sounds were coming from times to times from the formations, none of which could have been ascribed on the wind and charge clouds.

The vital-current hypothesis

The intricate nature of the crop formations attracted not only tourists from all over the world and geographers, but also researchers from immaterialist sciences. “Ever since the early ’80′s when the basic circles became a constant overnight appearance in southern England, archeologists, mystics, ecologists, and specialists in indigenous cultures began to seek for the symbolism in the shapes of the circles, as well as their proximity to known sacred sites”[6]. From an inquisitive perspective, the ancestral arts of geomancy, sacred geometry, were given new life, which has to do with  the circle sites and the network of earth energies known as ley-lines, considered to be a ”vital-current” which flows through the earth[2,6].cercuri in lanuri 10_thumb[2]

Weird Crop Circles   

Many formations often appear in the middle of fields without disturbing any surrounding crop. How does it happen? Researchers are motivated to believe that the neat aspect of the plants after the formation corresponds to a plasma-vortex structure manifestation, such as a terroid or a moving spiral[6]. The theory tells us that the geographical frame is the matrix of the complex phenomenon of Crop Circles and that, somewhere physical and geological processes bind. The fact is that the researchers did not look in the depth of the subsurface yet. If we were to correlate the plasma theory with the geological and biological laws, some more resonant explanations would certainly come to view.

The plants in other type of formations (than those formed in wheat) not only swirl clockwise or counter-clockwise, but sometimes certain crop fields even have multiple layers swirled in different directions. There have been cases where certain formations take on a totally different appearance as they continue to grow in the field[3]. For example, the formation from Avebury got a wavy look within the center of the circle, which had originally a sort of sea horse form. Be that as it may, the physical appearance is not the only one that seems to change (it looks rather dehydrated), but when the seeds are planted, they grow 40% faster than their normal counterpart from the same field (Fig. 6).

FI assume that my readers enjoyed the “flight” across the unique forms of Crop Circles and that my paper played the important role of nicely telling the stories of the strangest “micro-forms of relief“ of our planet, crop circles, some  of the few phenomena that make the science getting lost somewhere deep in the abyss of the Earth.


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  1. Crop circles are caused by a form of underground energy. Symbolic crop circles often appear close to sacred sites.

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