ROBO…PET – the little waste compactor

Most of us have a lot of electrical appliances in our kitchens, which help us in various tasks and are more or less useful. Their list seems to be getting longer every day, with each new invention promising to make our lives easier. But the plastic bottle (PET) compacter is really practical and can come in handy for environmentally friendly households.


The principle behind its operation is as simple as it gets. The device works like a press, squashing the bottle from above. There is also an electrical heating component, which helps melt the PET. Thus, the bottle is heat-squashed, just like an accordion. Its output is quite good, as it can crush a bottle in 20 seconds, and it consumes 1000 Watts per hour. This little compactor can crush 10 bottles one after the other, after which it needs a little rest, in order to cool down. No harmful chemicals are released during the compacting process.

It is important to remove the label and the cap before crushing a plastic bottle, as these elements are recycled separately. After compacting, bottles can be sold to a collecting centre, where they will be recycled by using a process which involves washing and grinding. The result is known as plastic flakes, and is the raw material for manufacturing new plastic items, packaging, etc.


Compacting plastic before collecting is very useful, because it significantly decreases the volume that it takes up, thus allowing for more plastic waste to be collected and transported. Additionally, transport time and costs are reduced, which helps collecting firms and saves fuel.

The product can be bought on-line or from larger supermarkets at a price of around 200 lei (50 Euros).

Below we can click to see the full process of waste compacting using this device.

Compactare PET-uri

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Article written by Bogdan Olariu and translated by Mihail Mitoșeriu.

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