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Top 10 – cleanest cities in the world. First Part

If you ever wanted to live, to visit or just to admire cities where cleanliness matters, where rubbish doesn’t litter the streets and where the quality of the air is great, you can…

cercuri in lanuri 10_thumb[2]

Crop Circles – spectacular gifts of nature – Second Part

Since their mediatisation, crop formations have entailed large groups of curious tourists around England. People have yet the same interest in crop circles as they used to have for Stonehenge or Machupichu. Positively…


Crop Circles – spectacular gifts of nature – where environment joins the sacred sciences (I)

I have studied Crop Circles since High School period and my interest in the environmental problems triggered by those peculiar vegetation formations was accomplished when I had to choose my theme for the…


Why Is the Dead Sea, Dead?

First, some important information must be mentioned: the Dead Sea (or „Salty Sea”) is a closed continental sea (it does not communicate with the Planetary Ocean), located in a tectonic basin in the…

dead bird due to plastic

The Plastic Nightmare (or the largest trash ‘bin’ in the world)

Some days ago, I went to buy some cough syrup. The pharmacy lady was about to put the bottle in a plastic bag. “No bag for me, thanks! I can put the bottle…

CNE Cernavoda

CNE Cernavodă – nuclear energy in Romania

Until now, in the Energy section, we have discussed various sources of energy, but we have scarcely dealt with nuclear power. This is a controversial topic and it is technically difficult, but I…


The Prince of Wales opens UK’s first commercial anaerobic digester and biomethane-to-grid plant in Poundbury, Dorset

This week The Prince of Wales opened the country’s first full-scale Anaerobic Digester and Biomethane-to-Grid Plant which will provide renewable gas direct to the local community in Poundbury. At maximum capacity the plant…


Wonderful news from UPM!

UPM has positioned itself as the frontrunner in the sustainable transformation of the paper industry by obtaining the first EU Ecolabel for newsprint. UPM News and UPM EcoBasic have obtained the EU Ecolabel…

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