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The Origins of Mud Volcanoes

Even though they are scientifically known as mud volcanoes, these elements of the landscape are, in fact, visible manifestations of natural gas reserves found at depths of more than 3000 metres that, on…

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Ecological restoration in Mahmudia

Good news for those who love the protected areas of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve! The main goal of this project is to increase the area’s natural value by ensuring an optimal preservation…


Pike’s Lake – Romania

Pike’s Lake is located in the Transylvanian Plateau, 10 kilometers away from Gherla, on the valley of Bont, a tributary of Fizeș River, and belongs to the village of Săcălaia (situated between Fizeșu…


The world’s top solar parks

Every year, more and more solar parks are built around the world. It’s impossible to create a ranking of these parks because the situation is constantly changing and existing parks are permanently improved….


A Bad Habit that Smells like Burned Rubber

One day in March this year, while passing in my car through the village of Domnesti, Ilfov County (not far from Bucharest), I saw a couple of groups (mostly young people) celebrating something….


Tidal power – is it eco-friendly or not?

You might remember, from your geography classes, the standard presentation of alternative energy sources. Along with geothermal power, tidal power was also mentioned at the end. But I will admit this, I was…


The Gulf of Mexico – the oil gulf

Increasing demand has pushed the oil industry deeper and deeper into the ocean, but the uncontrolled explosions in the Gulf of Mexico make us wonder if it is worth the risk? The largest…


The trash that’s in our oceans

After the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight somewhere above the Indian Ocean, we noticed once again something we knew for a long time – the ocean is full of rubbish. The loss…


Anti-nuclear manifestations in Tokyo against the catastrophe from Fukushima (2011)

Three years is a long time but it’s nothing in the history of nuclear accidents… Sunday was the day when the Jepanese protested against the nuclear disaster from Fukushima, which happened three years…


The Bad Valley and the Red Precipice of Oltenia

Several tens of kilometres south-west of Craiova, on the road to the Danube, close to Segarcea, the landscape is not as dull and monotonous as it might seem. The geology of this area…

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