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In brief: Green Economy and Green Jobs

Green economy means an economic system which improves social well-being and human capital while, at the same time, significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological issues, with the goal of achieving sustainable development and…


The Disappearance of the Protective Windbreaks in Bucharest

Over the past few years, we have all noticed that Bucharest is becoming an ever more suffocating place, because of the heat and also due to pollution and dust. Additionally, there are significant…


Antarctica’s Lakes

It was August 16th 1897, a beautiful summer day, a day like any other for most people, but nevertheless a special day for a team of nineteen men, who had long prepared themselves…


Dobrogea’s Underground Water Supplies

Notwithstanding its cultural and touristic significance, Dobrogea offers plenty of “study material” for other sciences as well, such as geology, speleology, geography, history and so on. The lands of Dobrogea are rich in…


Glina Landfill – Ecology and Pollution

Every evening, I pass through the village of Glina (situated in Ilfov County), or, to be more precise, I pass along the Glina landfill. What can I say? It really stinks! The Ochiul…


Water Information Systems in Romania

A significant portion of Romania’s laws on water information systems originates from the directives of the European Union on this subject, such as: Framework Water Directive (2000/60 / CE); Directive concerning the management…


Valea Mare Hydroelectric Power Station

Some people believe that History and Geography are two wholly unrelated fields…whereas the first deals with time, the second one rules over space, but somehow, through the hard work of researchers, these two…


A chance for Romania’s Wolves through the WOLFLIFE Preservation Program

WOLFLIFE began on July 1st 2014, in Focşani, with funding from the European Commission through the Life+ Program “Nature and Biodiversity”, as the first preservation project in Romania dedicated exclusively to the protection…


Arabica Coffee – Threatened by Climate Change

Climate change – is it fact or fiction? In the end, you will say that winters are still cold and pictures taken at the Poles still show huge blocks of floating ice. But…


Between Nature and Agriculture : Braila County

The county of Brăila. Whenever we remember this place, we think of the endless fields of Bărăgan and its vast crops. In reality, not all of its land is used for agriculture. The…

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