Pike’s Lake – Romania

Pike’s Lake is located in the Transylvanian Plateau, 10 kilometers away from Gherla, on the valley of Bont, a tributary of Fizeș River, and belongs to the village of Săcălaia (situated between Fizeșu Gherlii and Sic). This lake is outstanding due to its biodiversity – which includes nearly 300 bird species – and because it has maintained its natural character. Since 1966, it has been protected as a nature reserve.

1The lake’s name speaks for itself, because of the large population of pikes that live here, thus allowing for remarkable catches. Locals say that this lake appeared, strangely, after the collapse of an old salt mine. Nowadays, its waters are fresh as a result of silting, from slopes located nearby and the accumulation of organic sediments in the lake, preventing a direct contact between the waters of the lake and the underlying salt.
The uniqueness of this lake is reflected by several characteristics:
- Low level of human intervention;
- Possibly the greatest depth of any freshwater lake in Romania;
- The only lake in the Transylvanian Plateau where one can find plaur, (a kind of floating reeds) just like in the Danube Delta.

2.pngThe lake is fed by streams and underground springs which ensure a stable water volume. Its’ surface occupies 26 hectares and the reeds extend for 120 hectares around the lake. Thus, Pike’s Lake and the adjacent reeds, which extend into the valleys of tributary rivers, form a complex of ecosystems, typical for wetlands.

3In addition to pike, there are many other fish species, among which we can mention salmon, carp, Prussian carp, tench and common bream. The exact depth of the lake is unknown, but official estimates put it at 10 to 12 meters.

4There are countless legends about this lake, most of them linked to the huge pikes caught here or mysterious monsters living at its bottom which swallow a diver each year.
If you love fishing and nature, Pike’s Lake is the right place to visit.

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