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Manifesto for hiring geographers

I have to start by clarifying that the article you are about to read will not tackle any « green » subjects. I took the liberty of opening this debate here because Greenly’s writing committee…

dead bird due to plastic

The Plastic Nightmare (or the largest trash ‘bin’ in the world)

Some days ago, I went to buy some cough syrup. The pharmacy lady was about to put the bottle in a plastic bag. “No bag for me, thanks! I can put the bottle…


Wonderful news from UPM!

UPM has positioned itself as the frontrunner in the sustainable transformation of the paper industry by obtaining the first EU Ecolabel for newsprint. UPM News and UPM EcoBasic have obtained the EU Ecolabel…

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame (eng)

Today we inaugurate a new Greenly page! Wall of Fame is the page of “green”, sustainable, eco-friendly companies! It’s the page where we will post the logos of these companies. Let’s see how…

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