The use of cyanide in Romanian mining

Rosia Montana is not the only mine that will use cyanide. We had mines, and we wil have other mines as Rosia Montana. “In Romania, cyanide was used in the process of preparing in the process of preparing the concentrate at the Preparation Factory of Baia Arieş in Alba County. We used cyanide in the exploitation of the central flotation basin of Baia Mare (here, the activities are temporarily suspended). We will use cyanide in the process of preparing the ore extracted from the mine of Certej.” This is the answer given by the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM), following a request from

What says the Ministry of the Economy?

Until the end of 2006, when mining was restructured to meet the commitments made by Romania to join the European Union, we had mines that used the cyanides in the process extraction and preparation of the gold, says the Ministry of Economy.

As for information on mines that had used cyanide in the past, the Ministry was more generous. This method was applied for the extraction of gold from Baia Arieş (Alba) Sasar (Maramures) Suior (Maramures) Cavnic (Maramures) Băiţa (Maramures) and Baiut (Maramures). The generosity ends when it comes to knowing where cyanides are currently being used or will be used in the future. At this moment, in Romania there is no mining operation that applies the cyanide process of gold ores. The Ministry of Economy is not aware of any other projects in other regions, except that of Rosia Montana, where this method is planned to be used.

Cyanide has already been used in:

1.      Baia de Arieş, Alba

2.      Săsar, Maramureş

3.      Şuior, Maramureş

4.      Cavnic, Maramureş

5.      Băiţa, Maramureş

6.      Băiuţ, Maramureş

We are currently using them in :

  1. The Preparation Factory of Baia Arieş in Alba County (where the activities are temporarily suspended).

We will use them in :

  1. Certej
  2. Roşia Montană

The exploitation of Baia Mare (Central Flotation), of which the ANRM declared that its activity is suspended, was the property of Romaltyn Limited. In February 2013, it was learned that Fribourg Investments, an investment fund controlled by Ion Sturza, former Prime Minister of Moldova and former CEO of Rompetrol, bought 49% of the shared capital of Romaltyn Limited. At the same time, Romaltyn Limited officially announced through a press release, the acquisition of control and operational control of the recycling of mining waste project, presenting a possible investment of 40 million euro for the recycling of mining waste in Baia Mare.

For future mining, Eldorado Gold recently announced the commencement of mining operations in gold perimeters of Brad, Deva and Muncel in Hunedoara County, in the first part of the fourth quarter of 2013. The Company completed the drilling in Certej and the results will be used to update the information on the geology of the deposits. “The mining activities will be oriented towards the exploitations in Brad, Muncel  and Deva, for which we have already obtained licenses, and preliminary drilling is scheduled for the beginning of the fourth quarter”, says the press release.

The National Agency for Mineral Resources approved in February three concession licenses for the exploitation of polymetallic ores in the perimeters Brad, Deva and Muncel (Hunedoara) for the company European Goldfields Deva.

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Article written by Răzvan Spiridon and translated by Magda Baidan

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