Top 10 – The cleanest cities in the world. Second Part

5th Place – Wellington (New Zealand)

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, its second largest urban area and the most populous capital city in Oceania. It is located in the Ellington Region, situated in the southern part of the North Island, close to the geographical center of the country.

4th Place – Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki is the capital and largest city in Finland and lies in the southern part of the country, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The World Design Congress, organized by the International Council of Industrial Design Companies and held in Singapore on the 25th of November 2009 chose Helsinki as  the 2012 World Capital of Design. 

3rd Place – Ottawa (Canada)

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, the seat of the Federal Parliament and a port on both the right bank of the Ottawa River and on the Rideau Canal.

The Canadian capital owes its name to an Amerindian tribe that established a peaceful relation with the European colonists. This tribe was named by the other indians ,,Ottawa’’, meaning ,,those who trade with the foreigners”. No one forgot these first inhabitants of the land, who contributed to the creation of the city. As a sign of respect, people built the statue of an indian, overlooking the green expanses of Ottawa.     

2nd Place – Honolulu (Hawaii, U.S.A.)

Honolulu is the administrative seat of the Honolulu County, and of the State of Hawaii. It has a population of 377.000 inhabitants and is an important spa and tourist resort. It is located on the shores of Mamala Gulf, on Oahu, the 3rd largest island of the archipelago. The city owes its name to its favorable location – ,,Honolulu’’ means ,,sheltered place’’.

1st Place – Calgary (Canada)

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, situated where the Rocky Mountains meet the Canadian prairie, in the fertile Calgary-Edmonton corridor.

Its name comes from a beach on the Scottish island of Mull. Its resident are called ,,calgarians’’.



Written by Ionela Marin and translated by Mihail Mitoșeriu

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