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The Wandering Island of the Northern Atlantic

Sandbanks, currents and underwater rocks, in combination with fogs and violent storms, have caused more than 350 known shipwrecks in this part of the ocean. The island is often called “the Atlantic Graveyard”….


Les volcans

Rien n’est permanent, sauf le changement. (Héraclite) Les volcans sont unes des plus grandes forces de la nature. Une seule éruption volcanique a la même puissance que mille bombes atomiques. Ils sont couverts…


The Teleajen Petrochemical Plant: Explosions and their Environmental Impact

Highly efficient technology represents the core of our modern-day society: transport infrastructure (motorways, bridges, etc.) and industrial installations. But these elements are subjected to global or regional natural threats, such as earthquakes, volcanic…

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Let’s Discover Our Treasures – The Bicaz Gorge – Hășmaș National Park

Dear friends of Greenly, we are glad to present you a beautiful project! We thank Professor Mioara Clius for this information! But we should let you discover what this is all about… INFORMATION…


Romanian Houses Consume up to 8 Times More Energy than the European Average

Romania’s residential buildings consume up to 8 times more energy than average, compared to EU-15 countries (the first 15 countries that have joined the European Union), due to an inefficient heating system and…


A Visit to a Forbidden Area

26 years have passed since the beginning of a worldwide nightmare…the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, Ukraine, that occurred on April the 26th 1986. Countless books have been written, even more casualty figures have…


L’or noir et la ville de Ploiesti (IIIème partie)

La raffinerie édifiée par les frères Mehedinteanu a été suivie par d’autres, au début à Ploiesti, puis dans tout le département Prahova et, finalement, partout dans la Roumanie. À la fin de la…


What does Dâmbovița have to hide?

This is not a flooded landfill or at at least a waste collecting canal in some suburban area of a poor metropolis overwhelmed by trash. In fact, this image represents Dâmbovița and was…


L’or noir et la ville de Ploiești (deuxième partie)

Comme j’ai déjà commencé vous raconter dans la première partie de cette série, des la fin du XVIIème siècle, le pétrole a été utilisé pour l’éclairage des maisons des paysans et aussi dans…


Global Dimming

I try to live with the idea that karma is a very real thing. So I put out what I want to get back. (Megan Fox) The phenomenon of global dimming was first noticed…

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